Video Poker Winning Hands

Video poker adheres to the basic rules that govern winning hands in poker. However, unlike the majority of poker games, video poker does not compare the player’s hands against those of the house or another player, instead rewarding winning hands according to relevant pay tables.

Video poker is also the only casino poker game to give players the opportunity to discard and draw cards to build a stronger hand and earn a better payout. Understanding which hands are the strongest is therefore an integral part of video poker strategy and earning good payouts from this game.

The odds paid on these hands will depend on the number of credits bet and the video poker format being played.

Straight Flush

The straight flush is the strongest video poker hand, offering the highest odds. This hand comprises 5 cards of the same suit in an unbroken numerical sequence. Some video poker formats offer a jackpot payout for a royal flush – a straight flush with an ace high.

Example: 23456 Spades

Royal Flush: 10JQKA Spades

Four of a Kind

The four of a kind is a very strong video poker hand that pays out high odds. A four of a kind consists of four cards from different suits with the same numerical or face value. The fifth card in this sequence is of no importance in video poker.

Example: KKKK

Full House

A full house is a video poker winning hand made up of a three of a kind, or set, combined with a pair. Players holding two pairs on the deal in a video poker game can always try improve their payout by drawing for a full house.


A flush is a video poker hand made up of five cards from the same suit. The cards need not be arranged in numerical order to create this hand. Players will often attempt to draw a flush when their first deal provides them with four cards from the same suit.

Example: 367Q Diamonds


A straight comprises five cards from any suit in numerical order. Video poker players tend to draw for a straight only when provided with a run of four cards in numerical sequence on the deal, as this doubles their chances of hitting a straight.

Three of a Kind

Three of a kind describes a video poker winning hand made up of three cards of equal numerical or face value along with two unmatched cards. Some video poker formats require a three of a kind as the minimum qualifying hand for a payout.


A pair consists of two cards of equal numerical or face value, along with three unmatched cards. Most video poker games will only pay out pairs if the player has hit a pair of jacks or higher.