Video Poker Cash Bonus

Playing Video Poker is all about pursuing a long term strategy and attempting to maximize the player advantage programmed into the most popular Video Poker formats. Video Poker players who play at land based casinos often swing the odds in their favour by applying for casino comps cards.

These comp cards provide numerous benefits that video poker players factor into their video poker returns. While online video poker does not provide the same comps programs as land-based casinos, players can take advantage of several excellent incentives to maximize their video poker payouts.

Unlimited Monthly Video Poker Bonus

Gamers who play their video poker at the
William Hill casino benefit from the excellent Unlimited Monthly Bonus casino rewards program. This program ensures that regular players never leave the casino empty handed, as cash-back bonuses are paid at the end of each month.

To qualify for this excellent bonus offer, video poker players will need to download the William Hill casino software and register an account. Once they begin playing, all their video poker play will count towards bonus points that are converted to a cash bonus at the end of every month.

The greatest feature of this Unlimited Monthly Bonus feature is that it pays out on the amount of money players stake rather than the amount of money players deposit into their accounts. This means that cash bonus points continue to accrue even when players enjoy long winning runs while playing video poker.

With even the worst video poker odds still favouring the player to break even when playing an optimal long term strategy, the Unlimited Monthly Bonus offered by William Hill should be factored in as an integral part of any player’s attempt to generate a payout from their video poker play.

The Video Poker Bonus Tier Structure

The Unlimited Monthly Bonus offered by William Hill works according to a tiered system that provides greater rewards for bigger stakes, as well as the amount of time spent playing in the casino.

Low stakes players stand to earn a small payment into their accounts at the end of each month, whilst high-rollers can earn thousands of dollars back on their video poker play at the end of every month.