Video Blackjack

Video Blackjack is a casino video slots format popular amongst fans of video poker. If you love blackjack but don’t enjoy the tension and pressure of high-stakes table blackjack then Video Blackjack is the ideal alternative. Video Blackjack allows players to play up five hands per round, betting as little as $.025 per hand.

Setting up Video Blackjack

Video blackjack can be found in the William Hill casino. To play Video Blackjack you will need to download the William Hill casino software. Once this software has downloaded you will have to register a guest or cash account to access the casino.

Video Blackjack can be found beneath Video Poker on the casino menu. To download the game simply click on Video Blackjack and the casino will download and install the game automatically. You will be notified once the download completes, and can begin to play Video Blackjack.

Playing Video Blackjack

Before playing Video Blackjack you will need to select how much to bet on each hand, as well as how many hands both you and the dealer will receive. After you have placed your bet click on deal, and hands will be dealt to you and the dealer.

Once you have been dealt your hands you need to attempt to put together a winning hand using the rules of blackjack. Once you have played each of your hands, the dealers hole card will be revealed and each of your hands will be matched against each of the dealer’s hands with the payout determined accordingly.

All the regular rules governing table blackjack apply to Video Blackjack, with blackjack paid out 3/2, insurance offered when the dealer shows an ace and the dealer required to draw on 16 and stand on all 17s.

Video Blackjack Strategy

Basic blackjack strategies should be applied when playing Video Blackjack. For example if the dealer is showing a card higher than 7 the player should draw on all hands less than 17. However if the player shows a card with a value of less than 7 players should attempt to double down and split appropriate hands in an attempt to maximize their payout.