Tens or Better Video Poker

Tens or Better video poker is famous for giving players the best chance of earning a payout on each hand. Unlike other video poker games where the qualifying hands are triples or high pairs, Tens or Better video poker allows players to earn a payout for a pair of tens.

Players also earn double the pair payout on two pairs. However, payouts are lower than other video poker games for a flush, full house or four of a kind. This means the long term statistical advantage lies with the house.

Setting up Tens or Better Video Poker

Tens or Better video poker can be found in the William Hill casino. Download William Hill casino software and register a guest or cash account to play the game. Once the casino is installed you’ll need to access the game menu and select video poker. Tens or Better video poker is the final item on the video poker menu.

Before downloading Tens or Better video poker you will need to first select how many hands you would like to play in each round, with 1, 3, 5 and 10 hand formats available. Once you have made your selection the casino will automatically download Tens or Better video poker, notifying you when the download is complete.

Playing Tens or Better Video Poker

Before playing tens or better video poker select the coin denomination you would like to play for each hand. Once this is set you can select how many credits you would like to bet before drawing your first hand. Click on Bet Max to load the maximum number of credits, or load your credits one at a time by clicking on the Bet One button.

Once you have placed your bet, click on the draw button to draw your cards. You can now select which cards you would like to keep by clicking on each one. The cards that are not held will be discarded when you click on draw the next time.

When you click on draw new cards will be dealt into each hand. The final five cards on the game monitor determine your payout according to the odds table on the left of the screen.

Tens or Better Video Poker Strategy

While some video poker formats require a patient, long term playing strategy, tens or better video poker is unarguably the best video poker game for players playing with time and budget limitations. Because it is easier to win with lower ranked hands, players will find it easier to leave a playing session with a decent payout.

Nevertheless, with 4000 credits paid out on a royal flush, it is still worthwhile pursuing higher paying hands in some instances. If you’re required to draw a single card for a flush, straight or straight flush, you should be prepared to sacrifice pairs that have qualified for a payout.