Super Jackpot Video Poker

Super Jackpot Video Poker is a video poker game that offers players the opportunity to earn payouts from a progressive jackpot. The game is based on the popular Jacks or Better video poker format and pays out according to the Jacks or Better video poker pay table.

Setting up Super Jackpot Video Poker

Before playing Super Jackpot Video Poker you will need to download and install the William Hill casino software. Once this is done open the games menu in the casino lobby and click on video poker. This will open the video poker menu, with Super Jackpot Video Poker at the top of the menu.

Choose how many hands you would like to play in each round by clicking on the applicable format. Next, wait for the Super Jackpot Video Poker software to download. You will be notified once the software download is complete and can then enter the game.

Playing Super Jackpot Video Poker

Before playing single hand Super Jackpot Video Poker you will first need to insert credits into the machine. To do so click on the note slot on the right of the machine. Once you have loaded sufficient credits you are ready to play the game. Multi hand formats load your credits automatically.

To play Super Jackpot Video Poker simply choose how many credits you would like to bet on each round. Betting more credits allows you to earn better payouts, with the maximum bet of 5 credits qualifying you for the highest payouts and a possible jackpot payout.

You can choose how many credits to bet by either pressing Bet 1, which increases the amount bet by $1/$0.25 increments, or by pressing Bet Max, which automatically bets the maximum number of credits. Once you have placed your bet press draw and five cards will be drawn onto the video poker screen.

You can now hold any cards on the screen by clicking on the relevant cards. Once you have selected the cards you wish to keep, press draw again to discard your other cards and receive new cards. If you have a winning hand you will be paid out automatically.

Super Jackpot Video Poker Strategy

The object of Super Jackpot Video Poker is to build the strongest possible five card poker hand, specifically targeting a Royal Flush and the jackpot. The maximum bet is required to qualify for the jackpot. The best way to build the strongest hands is to play the maximum 10 hands.

When you do so you will have 10 opportunities to create winning hands with your held cards. The held cards are identical for each of the ten hands, while each hand draws unique replacement cards, allowing you to maximize the probability of creating top ranked hands.

Super Jackpot Video Poker is available in $0.25 and $1 formats.