Video Poker History

Video poker history can be traced back to the origins of slot machines. During the late 1800s, an American company by the name of Sittman and Pitt developed the first slot machine, a contraption that comprised 5 drums which could display up to 50 different card symbols.

Players using this machine spun the drums in an attempt to line up five cards to create a winning poker hand. With gambling tightly regulated, the machines tended to pay out coupons for free drinks or cigars. Within a few decades the card symbols disappeared from these early slot machines, to be replaced by symbols which players attempted to match on the pay-line.

Video Poker is Born

It wasn’t until the 1970s that the idea of a poker based slots game was revived, with the invention of the Pokermatic game machine by Dale Electronics. Later in the same decade the next generation of video poker games emerged with the introduction of Draw Poker by SIRCOMA.

The option of being able to draw new cards into a hand offered by these machines proved to be a massive boost to video poker. The draw poker machines soon overcame initial resistance to video based slots games from players who were suspicious of the appearance of slots games without reels.

During the next two decades the popularity of video poker grew exponentially as casino patrons grew accustomed to the presence of video based casino games. Many players were attracted to video poker as the only slots game that allowed players to participate in a popular table game format, without having to risk high stakes wagers or pressure from other players.

Video Poker Today

In 1994 gaming company Microgaming made video poker history by introducing the first computer video poker software. For the first time video poker was taken outside of casinos and made accessible to personal computer users. The rapid growth of internet gaming soon saw this software development assimilated into online casinos.

Today video poker is more popular than ever, with the vast majority of online casinos offering several different video poker formats. Players can choose between a variety of high resolution download and flash video poker games that allow them to enjoy the thrill of video poker in the comfort of their own homes.