A Guide to Video Poker Downloads

Video poker can be played at online casinos in either flash or download format. While web-based flash play can be useful for previewing games, it is recommended that prospective players download the full casino package from William Hill.
Downloading this software qualifies players for sign-up bonuses and loyalty points programs available only to account holders.

Setting Up Video Poker

William Hill and click on the Online Casino tab at the top of the page. If you are using a high-speed internet connection, click on Download Now on the left menu bar to initiate the download of the casino software. Click on Run to begin installing the Casino Software.

Dial-up internet users can click on the Order CD option on the menu to have the casino software shipped to them on CD, free of charge. Alternatively they can play the casino online in flash mode by clicking on the Instant Play menu option beneath the Casino tab at the top of the screen.

Once the installation of the casino software is complete you can either open a guest account for free play, or register your details for cash play in the casino. To register a cash play account will be required to provide a valid email address, payment details and a valid billing address.

Once you have registered your guest or cash account the casino will load, giving you access to over a hundred popular table games and slots. To access the video poker games click on Games Menu then scroll down the menu to the Video Poker or Bonus Video Poker menu items. These items will open up another menu offering different the video poker formats.

Video Poker Downloads

To play video poker you will need to select your preferred video poker format from the video poker menus. The online casino will then automatically initiate the video poker download, and may take several minutes to complete installation. You will only need to install each single hand game once.

If you play multi-hand video poker you will only need to download each hand variation once. This will open the relevant hand format for all the video poker games offered by William Hill.

The casino will make an announcement once the download of your video poker game is completed, and you simply need to click on the format again to open the game and commence play. Visit our video poker format guide for more information on each video poker format, including game descriptions, payouts and strategies.