Bonus Video Poker

The William Hill casino offers all of its different video poker games in Bonus Mode as a separate item on the casino games menu. Bonus Video Poker allows players additional opportunities to generate returns using each of the video poker formats available at the William Hill casino.

Setting up Bonus Video Poker

To play any of the Bonus Video Poker games you will first need to download casino software from William Hill. Once the software has been downloaded you’ll need to register a guest or cash account. When you have done so go to the games menu in the casino and select Bonus Video Poker from the menu.

If you have already downloaded any of the different poker games using the regular video poker rules these will be available in the Bonus Video Poker menu.

However, players using the casino for the first time will need to click on the game of their choice, select the number of hands they wish to play in each round and then wait for the casino to download the game.

Playing Bonus Video Poker

The casino will alert you once the game download is completed, allowing you to play Bonus Video Poker. To play any of the Bonus Video Poker formats simply select the coin denomination you would like to bet with, select how many credits you would like to bet on your hand and click draw.

The first draw will provide you with five cards. Simply select which of these you would like to keep by clicking on the relevant cards. Once you have selected your cards press draw again and you will be dealt new cards into each hand. The second draw determines your final hand, which in turn determines your payout according to the pay table on the left of the screen.

Bonus Video Poker Strategy

The best strategy for each of the different video poker games can be found in the individual Video Poker format guides. The additional opportunities to earn bonuses are what distinguish Bonus Video Poker from the regular video poker formats. For example all of the Bonus Video Poker games at William Hill pay out a bonus when cards from the original hand are returned to the hand after the second draw.

In addition Bonus Video Poker can increase a player’s chances of winning a big payout by increasing the number of wildcards in the pack in relevant games. Bonus Video Poker jackpots also offer better payouts than those found in the regular jackpot video poker games.