Basic Video Poker Strategy

Because Video Poker is one of the few casino games offering players a statistical advantage when optimal strategy is used, many gamblers favour this game above any other slot or table game found in casinos. With this type of popularity, it is not surprising that Video Poker has inspired thousands of finely tuned strategies amongst its fans.

Complete Video Poker strategies can become extremely complex, relying on complex statistical tables that predict the response of any hand to the second draw. However these strategies can be quite intimidating for beginners, who are instead advised to learn basic video poker strategy before attempting to implement advanced strategies.

Basic Video Poker Strategies

Always play the maximum coins for each hand. This is not quite as expensive as it may sound, as most video poker games offer bets of as little as $.25 per credit. Betting the maximum number of credits gives players access to the best odds and payouts, as well as an opportunity to claim the jackpot in relevant games.
Beware of doubling up. Every time you win a hand on a video poker machine, you will be given the option to double your winnings by participating in a single card showdown with the dealer. If you accept this option the dealer will draw a card, and you will be prompted to draw one of four face-down cards. The highest value card wins.
If the player wins, their payout is doubled and they have the option of challenging the dealer to another showdown. If the dealer wins any double up showdown, the player forfeits their payout.

Doubling up is only useful if you are trying to maximize your short-term gain. However, even basic video poker strategy require players to pursue long term gains, and the possibility of squandering a win in a showdown with the dealer interferes with optimal play.

Any of these bonuses tip the game advantage further towards the player, and ultimately contribute towards the overall profit the player earns from playing Video Poker in the long run. William Hill provides excellent monthly bonuses that can contribute to long term video poker returns.