All American Video Poker

All American Video Poker is a video poker format that allows players to earn payouts at good odds by attempting to put together strong poker hands with the cards dealt to them. The game does not feature a jackpot. To earn a payout you will need to hold a hand with a pair of jacks or better.

Setting up All American Video Poker

To play All American Video Poker you first need to download the game software. To do so click on the video poker option in the games menu. The video poker menu will open, giving you the option to click on All American Poker.

You can then select how many hands you would like to play in each round. Once you have selected this option the game will download.

Playing All American Video Poker

To play All American Video Poker you will need to insert credits into the slot machine. The one hand option requires you to insert notes into the machine, while the multi hand options load the maximum credits automatically.

To play All American Video Poker you will need to select how many credits you would like to bet on a game. Click on Bet One to increase the wager amount, or click Bet Max to bet the maximum amount of 5 credits on each hand played. All American Video Poker gives players the option to wager from $.10 to $5 per credit.

Once you have placed your bet, click on Draw. This will result in five cards being displayed on the screen. Review your hand and then hold cards by clicking on them. Cards that are not held are replaced by new cards once you click draw the second time.

The resulting hand determines your payout according to the odds displayed on the left hand side of the game monitor.

All American Video Poker Strategy

All American Video Poker offers lower payouts for two pairs than some other machines, with players only earning their stake back when two pairs are achieved. This means players should focus on obtaining high ranked hands such as flushes and straights to maximize their chances of earning higher payouts.

Players who play the maximum 10 hands and place the maximum bet on each round also stand to earn the most from All American Video Poker. The payout for a Royal Flush on the maximum bet is more than 10 times the amount paid out for a Royal Flush on the minimum bet.