Advanced Video Poker Strategy

Several video formats, including Deuces Wild, Joker Poker and Bonus Video Poker are statistically structured to the players advantage when played according to optimal strategy. Each of these games in turn requires a different optimal strategy.

Various statisticians have compiled detailed payout tables for each of the different video poker formats. These tables provide statistics on odds on the best play for any possible video poker hand.

However, making use of optimal play tables can be difficult and frustrating for the majority of video poker players, as few will wish to check the tables every time they play a hand. That’s why many dedicated Video Poker players make use of various tools designed to assist players in implementing optimal video poker strategy.

Video Poker Tools

The Jacks or Better Hand Analyzer helps players adopt optimal strategy when playing Video Poker’s most popular format. The Jacks or Better Video Poker tool analyses a players hand to determine the optimal choice among the 32 possible ways to play that hand.

The Deuces Wild Hand Analyzer is a necessity for players wanting to make the most from this full pay video poker game. Players enter their hands into the Deuces Wild Hand Analyzer and receive information on the permutations for each of the 32 possible plays.

If you play video poker alongside other poker formats, then make sure you get hold of a copy of WinPoker. This excellent software analyses situations in various poker games to provide players with optimal strategies and statistics on their poker hands.

Players can download the WinPoker version covering 9/6 Jacks or Better video poker for free, but will need to purchase the complete package if they wish to apply WinPoker hand analysis to all of their poker games.

Video Poker Bankroll

Having access to an adequate bankroll is a crucial aspect of generating long term payouts from video poker. Players need to be willing to be able to handle and survive sustained lean periods during play if they wish to capitalize on their video poker play in the long run.

The Bankroll Tool is therefore another indispensable tool for video poker players. This tool allows players to calculate how large their bankroll needs to generate a long term return based on the odds programmed into various video poker formats.